Barberan Service Desk

Service Desk is a new service oriented platform for our customers, based on incident management and spare parts ordering, to facilitate and streamline each case in the most optimal way.

This new platform aims to be the communication hub between Barberan’s customers and its technicians, allowing all spare parts orders to be placed. It provides an online incident management system as well as a direct communication system with our specialized technicians.

The platform can be used for all types of communications:

  • Ask for spare parts – If at any moment of the Barberan’s machine lifetime, there is a need to substitute a part of the machine or there is a need to restock consumables, the after sales service can be contacted and they will send the offer.

  • Request support – If during production the operator of the line faces any difficulty or there are any questions about how to use a Barberan’s machine, the technicians and specialists, can be reached using the Service Desk. They will answer and or solve the issue in the most optimal time.

  • After-sale service – Through this platform it is also possible to request any other after sale service, just like a maintenance pack or schedule a maintenance visit.
If you are don’t have access yet, please follow this link to request registration.

If you are already registered follow this link to access our service desk

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