Maintenance Contracts

The commitment to our customers does not end with the manufacture and sale of machinery. We offer a wide range of maintenance contracts that will help to keep the machine in the best possible condition with planned preventive actions that will reduce unexpected down times due to wear and tear and extend the effective life of your installation.

These services include scheduled on-site visits, remote support for quick diagnostics and technical queries, software upgrades, and much more.


Incident Reduction

Through preventive maintenance, we manage to minimize future incidents by anticipating and avoiding them

Greater Efficiency

Preventively identifying and replacing worn parts as well as keeping machine software up to date are essential tasks to optimize energy cost and productivity.

Cost Savings

The cost caused by an unexpected breakdown is not only economic, but also operational and even commercial when it involves delays in the lead time.

Good preventive maintenance saves additional unforeseen costs.

Reliability and Security

Keeping the machine up to date and in good condition reduces the uncertainty of the delivery time, allows you to work safer and makes you a reliable supplier.

Updated Information

Through up-to-date maintenance tasks you will always be informed about the health status of your installation, so you can better plan maintenance stops and spare parts purchases.

Improve Production Quality

Maximize the quality of your production by keeping each part of the installation always in the best conditions

Remote Assistance

Permanent assistance on demand from our technicians can solve technical questions and help to diagnose the cause of a failure.

Software Updates

Take advantage of improved software procedures based on the experience of other users in your industry to keep your installation up to date.

Scheduled On-site visits for preventive maintenance     
Unlimited Remote Support     
Software Updates     
Digital Services: PomeloHub community, Jetmaster Cloud(*)…     

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(*) Available for Jetmaster Division customers